Hurricane Ida

The weather caused by Hurricane Ida has subsided and now we’re left with rebuilding homes and lives. What’s next? Catholic Charities is here to help. Whether you’ve been directly affected by the hurricane or you’re looking for a way to help out your brothers and sisters, we’re here.

September 23 Update:

  • We have 350 open disaster cases. In addition to CCDBR case managers, we also have 7 virtual case managers from around the country helping us work through the cases.
  • We have completed outreach to 17 FEMA TSA hotels in our Diocese hosting evacuees. As of 9/20, there are 917 evacuees in FEMA TSA hotels throughout our Diocese.
  • We’re reaching out to 3 FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers in our Diocese where survivors are going to access benefits.
  • We successfully transitioned 58 people out of shelters into more permanent forms of housing.
  • We are planning a trip to Chauvin to drop off much-needed supplies, such as water, shovels, diapers, MREs, tarps, and generators, to that area.